NEXTMap Global Mapper Monthly Subscription (per user)

NEXTMap Global Mapper Monthly Subscription (per user)



Billing plan

Access the globe in Global Mapper

  • Instant access to 160 million+ square kilometers of high resolution elevation NEXTMap data for the entire globe
  • Perform detailed terrain analysis within powerful Global Mapper software
  • Detailed building level detail at an incredible 1m resolution
  • Access both Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Access through a simple low cost monthly subscription
  • NEXTMap elevation data is constantly updated, get access to the latest data to ensure confidence in your project
  • For multiple licenses or enterprise account, please contact Intermap.

Intermap and Blue Marble are proud to offer instant access to world's largest database of elevation data directly within Global Mapper! 

NEXTMap always uses the best available data. See the data available in your area of interest with Intermap's Coverage Map.


  1. Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed every 30 days.
  2. Customer must accept Intermap's terms of usage for Data Subscriptions.
  3. Data is limited to use within the application and cannot be exported for use in other software packages. 
  4. Global Mapper license not included, please contact Blue Marble for licensing details.
  5. High resolution data (1m) may not be available in all regions.  Please visit Intermap's coverage map here:
  6. Users are limited to 50,000 tiles every 30 days. View your usage here:

For any other questions, please visit our Support Page

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